Saturday, 7 September 2013

ITV Autumn Drama Trailer

Recently, ITV released a new 'Where Drama Lives' trailer for their autumn 2013 dramas. You can watch it here (if you're not in the UK, this might help you). Below are some screencaps of the three glimpses we get from the new Poirot episodes:
Now, this I can say with a 100 % certainty is from The Big Four. That should be obvious for anyone who's read the novel. The setting looks a bit different from how I remember in the novel, though, so I think we're in for some changes.
This is a lot more different to place. But based on the first and the next screencap, I'm tempted to go for The Big Four here as well.
Again, I think I can safely suggest that this is from The Big Four, very possibly the climactic scene (which, if the rumours are correct, has been changed quite substantially). The bow tie and the suit are the same as I've seen in a few location photos leaked from that scene. Based on this trailer for autumn drama I think we can now assume that November 2013 is the most likely air date, as has been suggested online. Lots to look forward to!

UPDATE: Guess who made a brief appearance in a second ITV trailer today (9/9/13)! See ITV's press release for the trailer and the reason behind it:
Obviously, this isn't recent footage. David Suchet was added through post production techniques. They seem to have used footage from Series One (I can't identify which episode off hand) and then added it to the stuff that was shot specially for the trailer. Still, it's a cool way of marking the 25 years.

All photos copyright ITV.


  1. I look forward to see the new episode !!

  2. Just something I noticed online:

    Under Drama it lists Sherlock - but then under it it shows See Also:Agatha Christie’s Poirot. ITV, Oct

    SO could it be as early as next month???!

    1. Oh, that's interesting! Thank you for posting the link. I suppose that could be possible (I certainly wouldn't mind), but I still think November is more likely (that's what Suchet has been referring to on Twitter and what has been mentioned online).

  3. It seems as though Poland has already scheduled airdates for all the episodes! They'll air an episode per month, beginning October 4 with The Big Four and ending in January with Curtain. So the Poles may or may not be the first to see the last four episodes, depending on when ITV schedules them (although I think it's safe to say that they're coming soon in any case, if Poland has the go-ahead to air them).

    1. Wow, that's great! Thanks for letting me know. Then the latest October rumour for the UK might be correct, too. Still, PBS got to air MOTOE nearly six months before ITV did, and DR (Denmark) and TV4 (Sweden) have also got some of the episodes a lot earlier than the UK in the past. So I won't take anything for granted.

    2. We had in Poland "Murder on the Orient Express" already in June 2010 (probably June 16, all episodes were released on Wednesdays) on DVD. So it was a month before PBS, but I don't know, was season 12 available on DVD before TV premiere (in UK or USA)?

    3. Hi ueetba! If memory serves me right, the PBS broadcast of "Murder on the Orient Express" was the TV world premiere, and the US DVD release wasn't until after the broadcast (the first DVD release of Series Twelve in the UK was in January 2011, I think). So if it was released in Poland in June 2010, that must have been the first release! Seems you have a very kind/clever broadcaster. In any case, lucky you!

    4. Until now I didn't know that even then we were the first! TV premiere in Poland was in December 2010. It's a pity, that DVD publisher doesn't want to release Season 13. Maybe in the future... :)

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