Wednesday, 20 March 2013

ITV's MIPTV promo

ITV has updated their promo site for MIPTV, a yearly television market event in Cannes, France. See this link: There are promo trailers for several ITV series, including Poirot and Marple. Both trailers are unchanged from last year's event, I think, which is somewhat disappointing as their trailer in 2009 previewed Murder on the Orient Express, and I was hoping for a glimpse of the final series. But if you haven't seen the trailer before, you might find it interesting. Also, they seem to have included a photo from the final series, one from Poirot's office (see below). Or, at least, I assume it is from the recent filming, because the pen and ink stand on the desk is different from any previous series, and the Marple promo definitely has a recent photo (from the filming of  A Caribbean Mystery, I guess).


The promotional text on Poirot is also quite nice. If I were a television channel looking for series to purchase for national broadcasts, I would definitely be tempted:
For over 25 years, David Suchet has portrayed the inspired Belgian investigator, Hercule Poirot; creating a unique catalogue of timeless crime fiction. In an emotional farewell, Suchet returns as Agatha Christie’s number one detective to take on his final cases. He promises to go out in thrilling style, conquering a global conspiracy re-uniting him with old friends Japp, Hastings and Miss Lemon; and delving into a dangerous family mystery with crime writer Ariadne Oliver. Finally, the detective returns to Styles – the location of his first case, and whilst he may be weakened by age and poor health, his mind is as sharp as ever. He is on the hunt for a killer, and with more victims succumbing, an incapacitated Poirot becomes desperate… At the final curtain, has he at last met his match?
Oh, and interestingly, Philip Jackson's Japp is listed as Assistant Commissioner in the cast list! Surely, that must be a clue to how the character is to be reintroduced in The Big Four...


  1. The trailer has been updated! Unfortunately it's only a montage of episodes already seen, but it's quite well-made nonetheless.

    1. Thanks Tom! Wow! As you say, no new footage, but they're really building up the darkness (and epicness - 25 years) this time around. Love it!

  2. The trailer is awful. Music that is completely unsuited to the time period, and an emphasis on gunplay that has been too common in Poirot and other British shows lately.

    1. Thank you for the comment, Rob! As you can see from my comment above, I don't agree with that assessment. Yes, the music is unsuited to the time period, and the emphasis on guns is obviously somewhat out of place, as I can't see that the series is really that focused on violence/guns as a whole. However, this is a trailer intended to make broadcasters want to buy the episodes for TV channels around the world. As such, the trailer has to emphasise some of the elements people tend to associate with the genre (a surprising number of buyers would be unfamiliar with the series). Also, the music is in tune with what most trailers tend to be like these days (especially on ITV), with the use of 'modern' soundtracks. In short, I like this trailer as viewed within this context (and I personally have nothing against either the music or the editing), but I agree that a more accurate depiction of the show itself would have been possible if that had been the channel's intention (e.g. using Gunning's theme tune that is more suited to the time period, and emphasising Poirot's many characteristics).

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