Thursday 28 February 2013

Christopher Gunning with new 'Poirot' CD!

(C) Christopher Gunning / Discovery Music Ltd.
Great news for any fans of the series' soundtrack! Christopher Gunning is releasing a new album with some of his scores for the series. I've written about the music of the series before (see this blog post), and as you may know, a substantial amount of Gunning's Poirot music was released on CD over 20 years ago. However, this CD had gone out of production and become a rare collector's item. With this new release, some of the best scores from that album are re-issued - in addition to three never-previously-released tracks from the adaptations of Death on the Nile and Five Little Pigs. I, for one, am delighted.

Read more on Gunning's website, watch a trailer for the album on YouTube or pre-order from Amazon.

Here's the track listing:
The Belgian Detective 2.30
A Country Retreat 4.53
The ABC Murders 4.34
Grey Cells 4.21
To the Lakes! 2.18
The Double Clue 5.09
War 2.29
The Innocence of Caroline Crale 5.30
Amyas’s Last Painting 4.22
How Does Your Garden Grow? 9.05
The Death of Mrs Inglethorpe 2.27
The Height of Fashion 2.08
One-two, buckle-my-shoe 1.58
The Victory Ball 4.55
Death on the Nile 13:45


  1. This is an amazing CD, and I do believe that the track that were on the previous CD have been remastered for this release, as they sound much clearer on this album (I was fortunate to have obtained a reasonably priced copy on eBay many years ago). I also noticed that there's an added (albeit brief) flourish of the Poirot Theme at the beginning of "The Double Clue" (one of my favorite tracks). I wish more of the music from the series was available, and that it were possible for Christopher Gunning to score the remaining episodes.

    1. I think you are right in saying that the tracks have been remastered, they do sound much better! And re "The Double Clue" - that's true! I hadn't noticed that! Truly, it would be a dream come true to see more of the music released, especially Gunning's scores. And to have him back for the remaining five episodes. But that seems rather unlikely - sadly.


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