Saturday, 8 January 2022

The 10-Year Anniversary


Hi everyone. It has been a while. The last post on this blog was in July 2015. A lot has happened since then, in the world at large, the world of Agatha Christie, and in my personal life. This blog was - and is - a passion project. It became a hobby during my years as a student. Since then, I haven't had the time to keep it going. However, readers from all over the world have kept sending me comments, e-mails and Twitter DMs, which I am somewhat amazed by and incredibly grateful for. Thank you. I have tried my best to get back to all of you. If I haven't responded to your message, I apologize. I get the impression that the blog has become exactly what I intended it for: a source of information and discussion for all fans of the TV series. I have also noticed that several of you have used my episode-by-episode posts as a handy tool when watching or re-watching the series during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. I could not have asked for more.

One of you pointed out to me recently that we are approaching the 10-year anniversary of this blog. Difficult to believe, at least to me, but it is absolutely true. I first published a post in April 2012. Encouraged by all the positive feedback over the years, and with the anniversary giving me the perfect excuse, I will be "resurrecting" the blog, at least temporarily. I will be adding a couple of new posts on topics you have suggested over the years. Stay tuned. 



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  2. Hi Eirik, I'm very pleased to see that you're back updating this blog again. I discovered it a few years ago and have read a lot of the content on it while rewatching the Poirot series. I find your reviews and information very interesting.
    One request, is there anything you can do to remove the spam comments that have been added to some of the posts? For instance, The Lost Mine has quite a lot. There are even two on this post!

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