Sunday 21 July 2013

Fire at Florin Court (Whitehaven Mansions)

UPDATE 22/7/13: Here's media coverage from The Guardian and the Evening Standard.

According to Charterhouse Square (@CharterhouseSq) on Twitter, there has been a massive fire at Florin Court, a.k.a. Whitehaven Mansions, last night. The above images taken from Wikipedia and Twitter respectively (linked to their sources) show the damage. Hopefully no one was hurt. Also, fingers crossed that the damage can be repaired and the building restored. Below is David Suchet's repsonse to the event:


  1. No one was hurt, thank goodness - and thanks to a very fast response from London Fire Brigade Clerkenwell Station, with extra engines needed from Euston and Old Street apparently. Could have all been a lot worse...

    A voice on the inside says repairs start today!

    1. Thanks for the update. I'm relieved to hear that no one was hurt!


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